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Packages & pricing

With Solar Power Systems becoming more and more popular, the amount of information out there can be confusing. Here at Lightforce, we take the stress out of Solar Energy.

​​​There's no “one size fits all” when it comes to solar

When looking at Solar you have to be careful of falling victim to "generic" Solar packages.

At Lightforce, we understand that no two houses use their energy in the exact same way, therefore, to size the right Solar System we always take the time to truly understand how your house uses power and size a Solar System based on actual data, no guess work!

Talk to us now and let us help you find the right Solar System for you.

Our basic, entry-level solar packages start from as little as $3,999

With very affordable entry-level packages that you can expand on later, our hope is that solar can be accessible to everyone.

We will never recommend a package that isn’t suitable for you. Reputation is everything and we want to uphold ours - being honest, transparent and trustworthy throughout the process is a promise we make to every customer.

Payment Plans

We've sorted some great financing options for you so you don’t have to pay for your system upfront.


With payment plans up to 5 years and fantastic rates, going solar has never been more accessible!


We have easy payment options available to you through Q MasterCard - you can APPLY FOR PRE-APPROVAL RIGHT HERE or speak to one of our team about your options.


If you have a home loan with Kiwibank and you top your mortgage up to install a solar system, they’ll give you $2,000 towards the system! Find out more.


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